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 Subject: RE: the Atari Archos line (mini laptop + emulator)
Author: asteroid (
Date:   10-29-2009 16:38

hmm, I once got a 20gb Archos video player, its a French designed item, it feels solidly made and its designed to play converted DVDs on its laptop style hard disk. It looks and feels very nice, the chrome casing has a nice tight fit.

however, the software is as clunky as hell. It only plays a very limited number of video codecs, and there some horribly cheesey green flashing bars when you play MP3s. It was utterly awful so I sold it. The same could be said about Creative's Zen mp3 player which was similar to early ipods, the touch pad to scroll through your music was fiddly and awkward as well.

I dont have much faith that Archos as the impression that the software was a rush job designed and written on a friday afternoon.

If someone is serious about making something like an ipod touch or minilaptop that also supports emulating a range of classic platforms, they would be best getting Android as the main OS, and use the excellent open source VLC player which supports every music and video format I can think of.

disclaimer, I have had two ipods but am not an apple fanboy, my current 30gb hd ipod ocassionally crashes and does weird things sometimes.

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