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 Subject: MagiCMac
Author: teroyk (
Date:   07-31-2011 21:45

There is some information how to put MagiC Mac to net:
Although the built in modem is fast, one of the incredibly
cool advantages of having MagiC on an iMac is its built in
10/100T base Ethernet port! This makes fast cable modems
easy and simple to hook up. You need STip to use your cable
modem under MagiCMac!
Imagine using CAB with transfer speeds of over 15 times
faster then your 28.8 modem offers! If you are one of the
many people who are fed up in trying to setup I-Connect, STiK
or StiNG, do not worry. There is a special feature in I-connect
which allows you to use your Mac TCP/IP stack "STIP."
What this means is that you are able to setup your Internet
account under Mac OS, and connect to the Internet with it
under MagiC Mac. You will only be able to run I-Connect clients,
but this feature is the beginning of truly integrating the best
features of Mac OS and MagiC.


But that page is also gone from web :(

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