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 Subject: Also ARanyM is the same
Author: Sharon (
Date:   09-08-2018 07:42

I have been doing some more trials with ARanyM in both Windows 10 and Linux ( Kubuntu, SuSe, Sabayon, and Debian ) - all in 64 Bit versions of the chosen O/S.

ARanyM seems to never want to open once I have started it off for the first time?

the config file, and the nvram file are created, whether Isave the config or not, and once this file exists, it seems to kill ARanyM off.

I have tried the binaries for the given distro and I have also downlaoded the very latest version but they dont seem to want to play.

So, its back to Hatari... At least that does not crash, even if I have so far failed to get it read the Newdesk.inf file, to set anything up, or even run a program in GEM once its booted up - i.e. a better Desktop.

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