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 Subject: Re: ARAnyM miniPack
Author: archimedium (
Date:   05-15-2023 14:33

Here is a presentation of the use of Eureka 2.12 software on a Mac. It is a 2D Graph Decriber and 3D Modeller for ATARI...

In a video under ARAnyM:

In the video, I show the loading of Eureka 2.12 and the ARAnyM miniPack on my WEB page. It is necessary to use a suitable browser (SeaMonkey, iCab ...) otherwise the binary of `MacAranym` is not possible to launch correctly, because it is free software and there are some restrictions in macOS. After that I also download the Eureka 2.12 software that I place in the machine's tree structure of ARAnyM. ARAnyM is launched, which reveals Eureka 2.12 in the ATARI, with which I draw in 3D the formula of an Escher Knot.

I've been talking about the Eureka 2.12 software for a long time, and I hope that thanks to this video, everyone will understand what it really is. It is ATARI software, but which can be launched virtually on any computer, thanks to ARAnyM.

Do not hesitate to make a comment, on the demo or Eureka 2.12...


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