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I want to get my Falcon out of the cupboard and get it working again.

I have some 2gb laptop hard disks available and an IDE > USB adapter to my PC. Im well conversed in using apps like Norton Ghost and Partition Magic which I use at work and commercial emulators like Microsoft Virtual PC.

Most of my floppy disks from Atari days are more or less useless, they are so old and dusty a lot of them are no longer usable.

What I would like to do, is set up and configure my Falcon on an emulator and build a disk image and copy it on to the spare laptop drive and put it in my Falcon.

Can Atari formatted hard disks be reliably be read and written on a PC?

I dont have a licenced version of AHDI and I know the standard Atari software wont support this Atari-relatively large 2gb drive.

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  emulation and ghost style disk imaging new asteroid 04-04-2008 21:26 
   RE: emulation and ghost style disk imaging new chemmad 04-15-2008 06:08 

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