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Well, in 1997 I started my first website at college, just to support the budding FREE Atari ST Emulation scene. I ripped my ST's GEM ROM and hosted it to support PaCifiST. When my college removed our server, I started my Geocities account in June 1997 with a whopping 1.5 megs of space, determined to continue having fun.

October 26, 2009, Yahoo! Geocities will be turned off. Even though my main site currently resides on a private server now, this has been my Atari Emulation Support portal for 12 years! I'm kind of sad.

Anyway, we've come a LONG way as fans and programmers since then. Cool emulation support programs have come and gone, but love for our machines continues, and it will continue.

To US! We just keep going and going and going!


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