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 Subject: Atari emulation ontop of Virtualbox?
Author: asteroid (
Date:   10-29-2009 16:48

Im quite hooked on Virtualbox, unlike Virtual PC and VMware you can throw any version of WIndows or Linux on it and it runs like a dream. The host OS can be Windows, Linux or Mac as well.

Question, if I were to make a VM with DOS (either MS DOS 6.22 or maybe FreeDOS) then a DOS based Atari emu (either ST, XL/XE or VCS etc) could be installed and then the Virtual hard disk file could be shared online for quick and easy emulation set up?

I think this is doable, its mainly a case of finding sound drivers (for typical AC97 type sound card) for Virtualbox in DOS, I am sure if I google hard enough, maybe theres a combined project we could all work on??

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  Atari emulation ontop of Virtualbox? new asteroid 10-29-2009 16:48 
   RE: Atari emulation ontop of Virtualbox? new Tompee 11-01-2009 00:56 

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