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Hello, everyone:

I am currently searching for the Atari ST software title Toki LineTest and Toki Professional for the Falcon. The Pathfinder link page has a link for it, but it is outdated and that page no longer exists.

I found the page archived at another site through a Google search, but the download links were dead. So, here is my question. I was curious as to whether someone knew where I could find this software on the Internet, or if someone had the software that they could post a link to for download.

I also heard of a web site where someone is trying to archive all of the software ever made for the Atari 16/32 bit systems.
Can anyone help me find this information. It is duly appreciated. Thank you.

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  Atari ST Toki LineTest Animation Software new Steven Peck 02-17-2011 06:21 
   RE: Atari ST Toki LineTest Animation Software new GWiZ 02-19-2011 23:24 

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