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 Subject: BJL upload trouble...
Author: ray (fermi.hitnet.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
Date:   11-29-2005 01:09

hi there,

i just BJL modified my jag and built a cable...the firmware modification works fine obviously, it brings up the debugging screen with its blue border and the whole register dump.
now my problem appears as soon as i try to transfer a file into the jaguar's ram. i'm using the latest bjl uploader (2005) but nothing happens on neither the jaguar, nor the peecee side (i.e. having pressed 'A' the jaggy keeps waiting with the blue uploader screen, without any palette flicker while the pc just hangs into the bjl loader).

i've also rechecked the cable connection several times and booted into ms dos 6.22 using an older uploader but i always get the same result...i even tried several settings for my LPT port (bidirectional, EPP, ECP), but there's no cure :((.

any hints? do you think my pc's parallel port is incompatible/cut down in some way, or am i the one that is mistaken on the user's side?

thanks for any suggestions.


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