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 Subject: Jaguar Census 2006 Form
Author: BonnutFilmStudio (
Date:   05-13-2006 04:01

Thank you for participating in Jaguar Census 2006! Attached to this post is the Census form. The purpose for this is to ascertain the population of Jaguar fans out there. In addition to this: to better estimate how many Jaguar rarities are floating around, see how active people are in this fan base, and this may prove to be a beneficial marketing tool for current and aspiring publishers and developers, among other things.

1. Please fill out all fields unless noted as “Optional.”
2. Do not fill out more than one form (Tampering with the census will only skew information you’d want to know)
3. Please have the form completed and sent back to me by Friday June 23, 2006. I will have the final results in July, posted on the Bonnut Film Studio website once it is launched.
4. Please send completed forms as an attatchment to:
5. For e-mails please use the subject: “Jaguar Census ’06 CRF”
6. If you cannot e-mail it to me, please PM me and I will provide with an address for you to mail a hard copy to me.

So that’s it. I hope this is a success! If it is, it can prove to be very beneficial to the community, thanks to all who are participating

Instead of being attatched it is available at:

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