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 Subject: Frog Feast Jaguar CD preview version.
Author: CDoty (
Date:   07-28-2007 09:34

The preview version of Frog Feast is now available from:

The preview is available as either a BJL or unencrypted cd in Disc Juggler format. If someone would like to encrypt the image, please feel free.
It loads correctly under Protector SE. The final version will be encrypted, I just bought a JagLink from myatari on ebay.

This version allows one or two player play, but does not have the flies or sound and music.

There is some corruption of the image data at the top of the image. This will be fixed over the next few days.
Also, I'm not sure this will work correctly on a PAL Jaguar. I will verify this shortly.

Please post any issues you find.

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