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 Subject: Dead lynx
Author: Sergi (
Date:   09-26-2002 18:56

Hi. As I surfed the web recentley I stumbled upon an Atari site, and great memories came back to me. I searched an old cupboard and found my atari Lynx. I put some batteries in and tried to turn it on, and it sort of did,only a blank screen came up (black really, but it was on). An "Insert game" or something should have turned up, so I changed the batteries again and tried to turn it on again, but this time it was dead. Where can I find a sort of tutorial or something to restore my old lynx? Many thanx in advance for any help!!!

PS The ac/dc power supply has been broken for years, so it could only run on batteries.

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  Dead lynx  Sergi 09-26-2002 18:56 
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