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 Subject: RE: Lynx game: Lemmings
Author: Wesley Lance (
Date:   10-24-2003 08:27

Actually there is no difference. All Lynx games, no matter what region sold in, are compatible with all Lynx units. Thankfully, Atari and Epyx had the foresight to do this with the Lynx offerings. As for Lemmings, it is one of the most sought after Lynx carts, ever. It is by far one of the best conversions to date, especially for a portable.

As for other games, if you are looking for great prices on rarities, check out for some really great pricing. Click on Search/Browse (which is not image mapped properly for web standards and is lower than expected on browsers other than IE) and click browse by department.

The Atari Lynx is listed with games at a great price (Aussie dollars is the quoted currency)

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