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 Subject: RE: Service for Lynx
Author: wizards_sleeve (
Date:   01-28-2005 13:05

You say its broken what exactly is wrong with it ?

The problem with our 3 consoles lynx2:
A. Screen was knackered
B. non working unit Battery leaked & PCB was damaged (spare)
C. the unit worked (no sound) Xbots game installed the character would be pressed against the wall to the right (button problem)

Have a go yourself, my son & i did loads of searches & in the end he asked me to have ago - so i did.

We now have 3 lynx consoles 2 work one is fit only for spares. Total outlay for consoles 30.00 excludes P&P only have 6 games, these cost me more then the consoles - Ebay is getting way too dear on common games.

Look here:
These instructions are given freely, and may be distributed widely, incorporated in other documents etc - GAMING FOR EVER!!!

HOWEVER, the author does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the unit and or the person and or anything while following or relying on these instructions.

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