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 Subject: RE: LYNX MODS
Author: Lars (
Date:   02-03-2005 14:31

Hi Jason,

couple of years ago I modded a Lynx-I unit to incorporate a joystick that replaced the internal pad. I ended up with a combination of parts of an old (broken) CX-40 stick (the white inner "backbone" plastic) and a colecovision´s "mushroom" top knop of that keypad stick on top of it all. It worked pretty well, you could use it as an elevated pad or push the know like a stick. I sold that unit long ago...

Another hack I did was to build a standard-joystick (9pin-SUB-D type) interface that connected to the cartridge port (all signals needed are available there - see the schematics of Lynx I and II). I added that to my own SRAM card development pcb. Of course, if you insert a normal game card, the port is blocked for additional usage. You´d have to build a joystick interface that routs all signals to an additional card connector...
On the other hand - if you hack the Lynx apart to make a "tabletop" version, that does not bother you, right? In that case, you can just hook up the external standard stick directly to the card connector´s pins within the Lynx. I can give you more info if needed so that you can follow that route, if you like.

Have fun!

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