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 Subject: Lynx II
Author: darrin (
Date:   11-12-2010 02:53

I just got a mint condition LYNX II system that was hardly ever used. I put in Toki for and it was great and business as usual. I than tried the same game on my old LYNX I unit (with it's battle scars, chipped paint, and a broken AC adapter pin) using batteries. I noticed that the LYNX II moves slightly slower. It was barely discernible so I used a stop watch and timed the instant the flying birds appear at the very start of Toki, and timed them flying across the screen and back. I did this same test on the LYNX 1 and it did move slightly faster! Other games probably have their own parts to easily test this too.

Seriously, this is weird, but I wonder if anyone knows about this. Perhaps using batteries makes games run a touch faster? Or is it possible that the LYNX II was purposely slowed down a touch to improve battery life? Perhaps Atari thought it moved a touch fast in general? It can't be just this one unit. The whole thing runs glitch free, and nothing else is remotely wrong. It's a new unit. Is it normal for the running speed in systems to be different from one to the next? It doesn't make sense. It's not like Atari would put a slower processor in just my LYNX.

Basically, what could be causing my LYNX II to be running a tad slow? (Or my LYNX I to be running a tad fast). Can some units be more apt to have "Slowdown" more than others? In TOki, both exhibited the same slowdown in various parts of the game, but it just "slows down faster" in the old LYNX! Please help! I want to make sure i am playing the games the way they are meant to be played!

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