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Hi I went to my local market trader today who has loads of junk from the Nes,Sega SMS,Snes etc and up and while looking about there was a game on the back selve burried under some Sega stuff I knew that logo it was a Lynx logo!

So anyway I ask what Lynx gear ya got?
So he pulls out this pile of mostly sealed yes still sealed Lynx games.

I can name a few

Kung Food
Crystal Mines 2
Chips Challange

anyway he had quite a lot and some duplicates,I know they dont always fetch loads a money like on Ebay so I was wondering if anyone wanted any I chould get them you pay me for them (no profit to me)+ ya shipping and I send `em.

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  Atari Lynx games sealed found new Dr_Frankenmiga 03-30-2004 20:13 
   RE: Atari Lynx games sealed found new sage 03-31-2004 17:30 

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