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 Subject: RE: Atari ste re-vamped
Author: Ragst arff (
Date:   12-01-2007 06:25

Scott, it's fun to dream about ways to reincarnate ST machines, however the cynicism you see in the other responses is because that's all anyone does - talk about it.

I've seen people create huge lists of "dream" specifications for their new machine, and there doesn't seem to be any objective in the specifications, they just talk crap!

eg "umm, it should have a 32 meg graphics card... no, wait.... a SIXTY FOUR meg graphics card! Yes! And also, it will have a port for the Nintendo64 controller, and the Playstation controller... and a port for the 1992 Apple SCSI Scanner, because they were the best scanners back then and you can get them for nothing now, and everyone could have a scanner!"

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