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 Subject: RE: Atari ste re-vamped
Author: Scott (
Date:   12-01-2007 10:33

Cheers Ragst arff...

Well if I can't come here and dream about it then where do I go? lol.

Yeah, I am painfully aware, of course we all want everything, but did I ask for a 68060? did I ask for a 4 gightz cpu?

I tried to keep it on the realistic side, no real hardware... nothing that would make this machine a different machine, the machine would still be an 8 MHz STe, & why? because there are programs that I use an Atari STe for, that my pc dosn't have, that my Mac dosn't have that's why.

Besides which, this is only talk by me, still like I said if I can't come here then where can I go? or maybe nobody likes to talk about Atari STe here?????

I apologise that I'm not some electronic whizz kid whose gonna make all your dreams come true.

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