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 Subject: RE: Why i love Atari so much
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   06-08-2013 10:51

Ahh, the sordid topic of backup. I yell at my users for not backing up their files (and I've seen people cry when they lost their MS Outlook .PST files) but I don't have a robust backup of my Falcon HD myself.

When I had a TT over ten years ago, I MIDI-netted it to my Falcon. This was great for backup, and also to copy the Doom.wad file from CD (the crazy Germans had tower-mounted it so I had massive SCSI disc and CD-ROM) but it was glacially slow.

I recognise that the drive in my falcon is fifteen plus years old, and needs backing up. I have all the SCSI cables I could want, I just haven't put it all together yet. I've been toying with the idea of mounting the F030's IDE disc in a USB adaptor and using Symantec Ghost in sector mode. I'd also love to slave a CF adaptor but I don't want to modify my Falcon's casing (which I'm proud to admit is in museum condition).

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