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 Subject: RE: Why i love Atari so much
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   08-17-2013 14:38

On the subject of backup...l've just lost 500GB of data from my PowerMac. Right when I was considering some kind of backup-up strategy due to data loss from the same disc due to human error.

Many of the files on my Falcon's HDD are extremely precious. If I lose a spreadsheet or document these days at work, chances are I'll be able to recover it or recreate it without much difficulty. But on my Falcon... I have CuBase .ALL and .ARR files of ideas for tunes that never made it into songs, but can't be interpreted by modern software. GEM .IMG files of photographs that don't exist... Coursework I did for subjects I studied in school as far back as twenty years... The odd Degas or Neochrome pic I made, video grabs and samples from TV shows I used to love (that my Amiga-owning friend recorded) ...

These files have already survived the transition from my ST's SCSI drive to my Falcon's internal drive... But if anything were to happen to that... Many months of Atari-originated work would be lost. None of it has any value except to me... But I'd be gutted.

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