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 Subject: RE: Vortex HDplus 40
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   08-17-2013 14:24

I'll admit I forgot about this until today, when I was running CuBase in STeEM on my netbook, just to see how well it would cope with a fairly modern synthesizer Via USB MIDI interface (extremely well, BTW).

I've bought a DMA cable from eBay vendor Atarifreakz... Which I have a suspicion might be you :)

I'm very, VERY curious about the Vortex drive. It seems to be an IDE drive mechanism internally, with what appears to be an ISA IDE adaptor card bridging the disc to the Host controller.

So... Can I replace the original mechanism with a larger one? I don't intend to go mad - I have a 52MB IDE drive at work that would be a perfect testbed. I know Vortex used their own drivers that weren't entirely AHDI compatible... So I don't expect to get drives over 512MB working (I should set my expectations lower,,I don't know if the Vortex drivers even support BigDOS so I may be stuck with a 16MB partition limit... Such fun!

Incidentally... I've just (finally) ordered a CF - IDE adaptor for my Falcon, and I was even able, eventually, after years of searching, to find a DUAL 44-Pin IDE cable, so backing up my Falcon's spinning rust onto Flash should be trivial (in theory at least). And... If the above re: internal vortex IDE drives is correct... I should be able to hook up Flash memory to my 16-bit Ataris without needing to find my Satandisk and buy HDDriver!

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