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 Subject: old TT Keyboard
Author: Damion (
Date:   05-12-2014 13:24

Does anyone want this?

I have an old TT Keyboard ( UK Version ) and a few years ago, I bought a new one, and I used some of the keys off this, to put onto my new one.

Irritatingly, I was in the process of putting all the keys and the little rubber bits back onto it, and I dropped the box containing the bits. In my usual idle way, I kind of left the bits ( that had fallen down into the containing boxes full of other junk ) and then as time went on...

Basically, its missing a load of keys and the rubber cup thingies, but AFAIK its a fully working keyboard.

So, if you have a broken keyboard with all teh keys, then this will be for you.

I dont want anything for it, but postage might be helpful.

I am in the UK

Let me know before I throw it in the bin.

( although I have just realised that I actuall;y have a full ST Keyboard upstairs too if I can find it... That has the keys on )

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