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 Subject: RE: 0
Author: shalroth (
Date:   05-17-2014 14:09

Bah! My Mega 2's keyboard has become more flaky than a triple ninety-nine Mr. Whippy with dandruff. I have to shallop most of the keys several times these days to get a response.

That whole machine's a bit poorly TBH - I can't get it to read a floppy disc and I don't know if it's bit rot, but it won't format successfully either... again, could be my old DSDDs... but it also won't boot to any colour mode?! It works fine with my SM125, as does my Falcon (Falcon Video - Atari DIN adaptor)... but I've tried it with a brand new SCART RGB cable, and a new Composite video cable, and it just plain won't boot into a colour mode. How weird is that? I have disconnected my weird-a$$ Vortex hard drive so it can't be that. It used to work! I have a distinct memory of playing 'Blood Money' for ages on it when I got my plasma telly.

I know I can use the TT/Mega STe keyboard with a mega because they're electrically and logically compatible, but whereas I can probably get away with replacing missing keycaps on a Mega keyboard with donors from any Atari from the 260ST right up to the Falcon030, new keycaps for the TT/Mega STE keyboard seem to be somewhat hard to find.

I'd love to take that keyboard off your hands. I really, really would. My initial reaction was "OMG IKBD EXTERNAL KEHBEHRDS!!!!!1!" but sadly, I wouldn't be able to put it to work - so I'm happy to pass and let the community pick it up. Sounds like ZH is particularly interested.

I miss my TT. And my SLM605. And my Spectre GCR. I had some very, very happy computer times with those devices.

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