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 Subject: Atari PC1
Author: The Paranoid (
Date:   07-15-2014 17:29

Well, since there seem to be no Atari PC experts answering, i'll try to collect some data around the Atari PC1.

First of all please note that most people reading this forum are not really interested in Atari PC compatible machines. The focus is on the systems Atari had designed by themselves, such as the Atari ST, TT and Falcon030.

Next to that i'm sure you have found most of the answers for your questions by yourself now:
It seems the Atari PC1 was shipped with DOS 3.32 and GEM packed in but i can't find which version it was. I also can't find much additional information, neither any manuals nor flyers. Most sites dedicated to classic Atari computers mainly ignore the PC compatibles (as does this site).

Sorry for not being very helpful.

Still, have fun with your "first" Atari.

The Paranoid / Paradox

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