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 Subject: Ok?
Author: FatRakoon (
Date:   12-13-2023 06:03

I know its bee na while for me to reply, but hey ho...

I have serious mental issues that cause my mind to simply brainfart - I have moments when I can function, and the rest of the time, I dribble and sulk.

PLEASE do not think I am joking.


Ok, but that is not helping?

I had a near flawless setup on the IDE Hard Disk, but then all of a sudden, at the same time as Magic starting to fail, lots of other things were failing, and I realised the IDE HD was dying.

I have managed to grab a Disk Image of it with on of my Linux PCs, and I have managed to get a lot of it back u pand running, and thankfully, as I use CuBase mostly with it, I have that running perfectly under the 060 Version of CuBase Audio.


Even though I have the 030 version of Magic running fine, I just cannot get it to run on the 060?

I know that I patched one of the versions of the Magic.RAM file,s and I am using the 060 version of the MAGXBOOT.PRG but I just cannot get it to work without crashing?

Am I using the wrong RAM file? is it corrupt? I simply do not know?

Where did I find that info to do this in the first place???

Can anyone email me the correct files?
Just the PRG and the RAM file would be fine, or a link to where I found out the info from?

I have been at this for over a year now ( Now all the time of course, just now and then ) and so its a biggie for me.

Please help.

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