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 Subject: RE: Chu Chu Rocket
Author: shalroth (
Date:   10-11-2001 12:08

Describe which game, Space Channel 5?

Earth has been inavaded by cute aliens, who brainwash humans into doing their bidding with a mysterious ray gun. You, as Ulala, chief news reporter for Space Channel 5, have to rescue the humans and defeat the aliens by, erm, dancing at them.

The aliens will perform a short sequence of dance moves, and you have to repeat them with the same timing.

On the Dreamcast, the game was done with FMV backgrounds and cut scenes, with realtime 3D characters for the user controlled bits.

I'm working on a complete transcript of the game in my spare time, and also developing the concept further, into other 'Space Channel 5' games using the same characters (Ulala, Fuse, Space Michael etc.) I've also done mock-ups for 2600 and XL/XE versions...

Best thing is to check out the various game websites for reviews of the game (most people like it fortunately), and of course there's

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