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 Subject: RE: expanding DSP SRAM
Author: Peter (
Date:   08-07-2002 09:55


15ns ramchips is only needed when running the DSP beyond 50mhz.
I've had mine running in 60mhz without problems, but I didn't need it, so reverted to 50mhz again.

There is no speed increase if you don't change the clock, and faster ramchips can cope with higher speeds.

I'm not sure of the exact implementation in the falcon.

But hey! My brain wasn't working correctly earlyer. A0-A15 means 64K, not 32! And if only A0-A14 is used then it should be possible to upgrade this thing. This would be soo cool. Schwing!

I don't know a lot about the X/Y thing. It's too parallel memory areas, right? and P memory overlaps both or... ?

I've got the ramchips and everything. Do you know of any low level DSP hardware programming guru that can give us some advice?


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