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 Subject: RE: Mega STE Mouse Trouble
Author: The Paranoid (spock.Chemie.Uni-Mainz.DE)
Date:   08-14-2002 10:45

So let me summarize:
The mouse is okay on another computer.
Using the cursor-keys and ALT on the keyboard instead of the mouse will make the computer function correctly.
Using the mouse moves the pointer, but will not respond to clicks of mouse-buttons and menus will not react ?

If this is really the case, this behaviour is very very odd. Basically, i only have one other guess and if that's not the case, i'm stuck:
The right mouse button hangs. This will lead to odd behaviour of GEM and its menus. It will most probably also prevent the left mouse-button from working correctly.

If that is the case, the problem can be the mouse (unlikely since you tested it on another computer, yet not impossible) or the connector on the keyboard. A MegaSTE external keyboard is easy to open.
Maybe opening it and having a look at bent pins or short-circuits may help ?

The Paranoid

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