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My falcon has been a lonely little thing for the last few years since I had an accident and I have not been able to get up into the attic to have a play about with her anymore ( My attic was converted into a computer room but I used a step-ladder to get in/out )

Anyway, now we are abotu to move home, and I will be bringing her back into action again, and I will be setting up my entire music studio in its own room, and it is still Atari / CuBase Audio based, no Mac or PC for my music gear, even though I own tons of seriously high end PCs.

The thing is that my Falcon is simply laid out on a table and a couple of years ago, I started to build a wooden box for her, and I have no clues why, but I never did finish it off, even though it was 95% all done... I guess all I really needed to do, was the PCI slots needed a housing taken from an old case and then I could mount the PCI cards into it better, but in typical me fashion, I never got round to finishing it and only today made the decision to simply trash it along with the rest of the junk.

Im bloody regretting it alreay!

So, I am going to be looking to house my Falcon in a bigger case. does anyone have any of the big atri cases or thedesktopper that they could perhaps sell to me?

I am also up for options of a converted PC case too actually... Anything that will let me put my Falcon, CT63 CTPCI and its Hard Drives in.

I know this is a tall order, but stuff it, I need it done.

I am of course not an idiot ( Ok yeah I am, but I am also very fair and I am not ignorant to prices. A fair price is what I am willing to pay. )


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  PC Case for Falcon + CT new Damion 11-29-2016 00:19 
   RE: PC Case for Falcon + CT new Damion 04-17-2017 02:33 

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