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 Subject: RE: The Netherlands, anyone ?
Author: Erik Kiemel (
Date:   10-12-1999 18:27

Hello FOX-1,

Here is a massage from Friesland (nederland).
My name is Erik and I come from Leeuwarden.
I know you by your name.
I can also write this massage in dutch.
Maar volgens mij moet het in het engels, want anders kan de rest van de wereld het niet lezen.
Zo, ik ga maar weer over in het engels.
I'm also active with the atari 8-bit computer, but I can't programming.
I'm sorry for that.
But I use the computer every week.
It's a FANTASTIC computer.
I collect them.
I think you to.
But I can't programming on the atari 8-bit computer.
I saw that you going to JHV '99 meeting in Herten.
I will be there to.
Mayby I meet you there.
(Misschien zien we elkaar in Herten)

Greetings from Erik

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