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 Subject: RE: The Netherlands, anyone ?
Author: Sysop Fox-1 (
Date:   10-17-1999 18:13

Hello Erik,

From Friesland ? Then I gues "Freddy Offenga" (or Frankenstein) will ring a bell by you :-)

And, yes, I'm going to Herten too, as always. It's a pitty there aren't many 8-bit meetings in the Netherlands, but we're working on that!

Where do you use your Atari for ? I'm running an Atari 8-Bit BBS on it, programming some simple tools, mostly for Sparta-dos, and sometimes an intro for the ABBUC magazin, but I'm not that good in graphix, so these are pretty simple demo's. I'm not only a collector, since the Atari 8-Bit is my primary computer to do anything where people use computers for. The Pentium is just an Atari 8-Bit slave, and I use it for the internet things, and to network some message-bases I need for the Thunderdome BBS, like comp.sys.atari.8bit...

Ik zie je in Herten op 30 Oktober!

Sysop Fox-1

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