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 Subject: RE: TRX on 8-bit
Author: Sysop Fox-1 (
Date:   11-27-1999 18:07

Hello Andreas,

I don't think the BASIC-Code-stuff is what Frits means. (I know him, he lives 30 km away from here, and we both visited the jhv).

In the Netherlands they used BASIC-Code too, a long time ago, but it was only usable if you used a datasette, since you'll loose too much memory with a diskdrive (so with DOS in memory).

He want to send messages, like in morse. We did a project a while ago with use of some modified datasettes. In stead of recording data onto a tape, we sent the data to a radio-transmitter on 107.00Mhz FM. When using OPEN #1,8,0"C:" etc. we could sent messages, but this was too slow. It always needs that long intro-beep before the actual data will be send...

Sysop Fox-1

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