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Back in the mid 80s I had a game for my Atari 800 that was a graphic 1st-person adventure. It used 3-d wireframe graphics. You survive crashing your spaceship on a planet and have to wander around a city scavenging parts and vehicles to repair your spaceship and leave the planet.

I remember one object you have to use in the game is a box of "secret ingredient 12434". The box was clear and looked like it had 12434 written on the side - until you finally figure out how to use the box - and then the box flips around and you can see 'through' the box to find out that the writing on the side actually doesn't say 12434 but the word 'PEPSI'.

Does anyone else remember this game? I remember thinking that it was a fantastic game and played it for hours straight until I figured out my way through all the puzzles.

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  wireframe 3-d adventure game for 800??? new someguy 12-01-2000 17:32 
   RE: wireframe 3-d adventure game for 800??? new Jason 12-08-2000 04:46 

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