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 Subject: Impossible (hope not ;-)
Author: marko (
Date:   12-03-2000 07:37

Hi all!

I finally got my 1050 to work and now I have a great 800XL system. I manage to load stuff from floppies, but I have many which has a word "Impossible" in them.

After an extensive search in my small XL-diskbox I found this program, Impossible, but whatever I do, I just can't load anything from these "Impossible" floppies. I believe it's a some kind of copier/packer, but that's about it. My Impossible is version 1.7 if that helps...

Can anyone be kind enough to help me with this, please

Also, what is the Translator XL and what is the best DOS to use. I have 2.05, 2.5 and 3.0. I also have SpartaDOS 1.1 and 3.2b.

I have absolutely no instructions to anything and would like to learn more from this superb machine! I really love XL already and would like to make some contacts to swap stuff.

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  Impossible (hope not ;-) new marko 12-03-2000 07:37 
   RE: Impossible (hope not ;-) new Jack Thornburgh 01-09-2001 12:47 

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