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 Subject: Atari 2600 strange behaviour - help?
Author: Gubbins (
Date:   04-06-2008 17:49


I just plugged in two old Atari 2600s I acquired in my parents' clearout, and one of them is so close to working that it's unbearable.

One of them is just a dead unit; I'm guessing it can be sold for parts. The other one powers on and the games do play, but I think the collision detection is broken. In Pacman, for example, the player dies instantly as soon as the game starts. Space Invaders gets stuck in some kind of loop where everything seems to be getting destroyed. In Combat, the tanks alternate between being moveable and then wildly spinning on the spot, and as soon as player one presses fire, they score a hit automatically. The list goes on - you get the idea.

Kangaroo, on the other hand, seems to work fine! But, let's face it, I'm not going to invite people round to play Kangaroo.

Does anyone know whether there is a simple explanation for this? Otherwise it's two 2600s on eBay for parts value!


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  Atari 2600 strange behaviour - help?  Gubbins 04-06-2008 17:49 
   RE: Atari 2600 strange behaviour - help? new thax 01-05-2010 00:05 

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