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 Subject: strange power problems with atari 2600 6 switch
Author: austin tinius (
Date:   03-02-2010 02:28

so i found an Atari 2600 6 switch at goodwill with controllers but no power supply. i tried using a universal power plug and that works but in a strange way. in order to get the thing to show any signal on the tv i have to first plug in the game, then plug it in, turn it on, unplug it, wait for a twitch on the tv then plug it back in. at that point it will turn on but some of my carts require i take them out then plug them back and and try again. I'm guessing that just bad connections. but still the weirdness with the power. has anyone ever heard of this? could it just be a bad component i could replace?

also i bought a power supply on the cheap from ebay. its not an oem one, but it also works in this strange way.

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  strange power problems with atari 2600 6 switch  austin tinius 03-02-2010 02:28 
   RE: strange power problems with atari 2600 6 switc new Nathan 11-14-2010 16:27 

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