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 Subject: RE: PC diskette emulation
Author: DAHstra (
Date:   06-19-2003 15:09

Well, first of all, make sure the original files are backed up. Format an Atari disk using the built in formatter in GEM (the OS). Don't use some special formatter. If you only have a single sided drive, this is still okay. Copy your files to this ST disk. Next go to:

For the MAKEDISK program. Download it, read the instructions.

Now, for ANOTHER way. If you have a double sided ST drive, format a PC disk on your PC to 720k on a DOUBLE DENSITY disk (not HIGH DENSITY). Then take that to your ST and MOST TOS's will let you write to it. It's somewhat goofy, but the disk directory should remain stable enough for you to transfer your files to your PC. Just keep in mind that you may need to reformat the disk when the directory structure fails. If you format PC disk, only write to it AFTER that with one computer or the other. Back and forth is DOOOM for the files, and you'll have to start over. But, it's a quick fix.

Good luck!


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