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 Subject: Aranym - help with networking
Author: Nash (
Date:   12-31-2007 18:53

I've been trying to get Aranym networking going for the last two days with no luck, so I thought I'd see if anyone else has been able to get it working. I've tried it with XP and Linux and neither seem to want to work.

So far I've tried using point-to-point and bridging on XP, and although during bootup it says networking is ok, Highwire either hangs or says "no route to host". On Linux (2.6.21 kernel) I tried to bridge but still no joy. I'm not really sure how to install MINT-net either,
as running the script just generated a tonne of errors. Is it already installed on the latest release of afros?

Has anybody had any success getting Aranym to work on their network? I'd love to resurrect my old laptop and have it running as a modern Atari with email, ICQ and web access but it seems to be evading me. If anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them :D

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