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 Subject: RE: Nearly working!
Author: J F Lemaire (
Date:   01-09-2008 03:07

Nash wrote:
"I followed the instructions for Debian bridging ( and now I can ping the host machine from within Aranym and vice-versa."

Sounds perfect.

"The only problem is Aranym can't ping the other machines on the network."

If the host is the gateway to your network, you should be able to ping any machines from ARAnyM. If it's not, I'm not sure. You may need to enable IP forwarding on the host.

"I'm not sure if the problem might be a lack of the "aranym.xif" file."

Not really. That file has been replaced by the new ethernet driver, 'nfeth.xif', present in the MINT directory. I suppose the docs haven't been updated yet. I'll have a look at the wiki.

"Seeing as I can ping the host machine I'm not sure if it's a problem with my FreeMiNT setup or with my Linux one."

The issue seems to be on the host system. Is the host connected to the Internet? If yes, try to ping google or somesuch from ARAnyM (you need your ISP's nameserver address in

Hope this helps a bit.


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