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 Subject: RE: Portable emulation
Author: kickback999 (
Date:   04-22-2010 14:33

I have a nokia n82, way better phone than the crappy androids or iphones. I have all the doom wads I can find on it for c2doom and the 3 quake games, liero and the only emulator I am remotely interested in that is available for it, a snes emulator. One is freeware but sound doesn't work, one is not free and quits after 5 minutes telling me to buy it.
I was choked to find no one had bothered to port an ST emulator to the symbian platform as that would actually be much easier to play than any snes game, considering there is 4 directional buttons and one button in the middle of those and that constitutes all the buttons of an atari controller and would be so much easier than playing snes games trying to remember which number key I assign to which snes controller key.
My phone would be an ideal platform, if an emulator actually existed. I think there is an amiga one but I couldn't give a Toss.

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