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 Subject: Attempting to make my own disc image
Author: Jake (
Date:   09-05-2010 16:35

Hi all,

My dad was the programmer that made the Atari ST game Midway Battles. I found an original copy of the game at his house and want to make an image of it so I can give it out to Atari emulator users (plus, I'd love to play it again too).

Years ago I attempted to make a disc image of the game, and the result allows me to open and view the game files in an emulator, however when I attempt the play the game, the program bombs. I made this disc image years ago (I forgot I did this until recently) so I don't know how I did it or with what program.

Can anyone tell me how to (a) properly make a disc image of the game or (b) how to fix the existing disc image?


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  Attempting to make my own disc image  Jake 09-05-2010 16:35 
   RE: Attempting to make my own disc image new Jake 09-05-2010 22:05 

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