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 Subject: ATARI'09 Christmas
Author: archimedium (
Date:   11-30-2009 22:55

Because Holly Christmas is nearly approaching, and all my best wishes are also intended to ATARIans, I embedded on my WEB site a musical animation elaborated with POV-Ray of the 3D PacMan in a video.

This animation can be displayed with Aniplayer 2.22 of course, and M_Player 3

It requires a fast machine. I tested the video with GNU/GPL ARAnyM

Thanks a lot to Didier Méquignon and Guillaume Tello for video players.

I'm maintaining *miniPack* that runs the ATARI machine supported on any computers' host systems.

The 3D modelling of the scene was performed with CyberStudio from Tom Hudson and also Eureka 2.12, and the rendering with Persistence Of Vision Raytracer 3.1g that I ported on our ATARI platforms.

I wish you all an ATARI 2009 animated Merry Christmas, in advance.

Let's go for the Christmas Time now =)

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  ATARI'09 Christmas new archimedium 11-30-2009 22:55 

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