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I have tried and am still trying various Emulators and I was very much a firm GRMultorfan, however, I have found too many issues with it and so I am looking for a better alternative, and right now, I am liking Hatari.

More for the fact that it seems to emulate the TT perfectly. Not tried the Falcon yet as I dont have a reliable TOS Image, but the TT306UK Image seems to be fine.

But I digress...

I have files from the Atari, and also from GEMulators DSK Images and I dont know how to get them onto Hatari.

Also Hatari has 4 ways to have a disk but only the ACSI one seems to work?

Not entirely surewhy, but I do have an 80GB Image for it, that does have some partitions, but I am also finding it not letting me save the Desktop.inf file or rather it does save it, to C: but when I try restarting the emulator, it deos not use it?

Few issus, but Im sure I will find out why?

But in the mean time, what emualtors would anyone say is the best one, and is getting files to/from it to my real Ataris easy or...?

I have used GEMualtor for years on and off and I have managed to get almost all of my atari stuff onto it, but its different with other emualtors.

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