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 Subject: RE: DONīT BUY AT bullseyes_videogames_collectibles
Author: Zhooibaal (
Date:   01-03-2006 12:24

It's always safest to get games of any kind from a local store. I have the luck that I have several trade-in gamestores nearby where I can get most of the games I want to have. I got several lynx games, a Jaguar game, gamegear games, saturn games etc.
Maybe you can't get the real collectors items from such small stores, but at least you know that you're never being ripped off.
Another good option would be to go pick up whatever game you buy. If the seller doesn't want to meet you for a pickup you know that it's not right.
Always set up a meeting before paying or you'll have a chance of being ripped off anyway.

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