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 Subject: Some Lynx questions
Author: Ragstaff (
Date:   08-06-2002 11:07

Hi, I just got my first Lynx (a LynxII) and it's cool! I was just wondering a (fair!) few things though.

1. I see that the highscores and stuff aren't saved after a reset. Is the Lynx able save at all, on other games?

2. I don't have a powerpack, and it chews the batteries like crazy! On the back of the Lynx it says 9v, and I read somewhere that it needs around 300mA (thus consuming 2.7watts)... is the power input proprietary or "standard" (in which case I can get a power supply of the right specifications and plug it in)
Also, how common and expensive are Lynx power supplies? I'm in australia = 240volts mains.

3. What are the best games! :o)

4. Has anyone ever done a hardware hack and replaced the screen?

5. One of the games I have just says "Insert Game" when I plug it in and power on the lynx. I've cleaned it with methylated spirits nd it didn't help... are there any other tricks?

That'll do for now :o)

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