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 Subject: RE: Some Lynx questions
Author: Shalroth (
Date:   01-06-2003 14:47

Lynxes are cool. Too many other portables are just mini versions of bigger consoles (Mega Drive > Nomad, Master System > Game Gear, SNES > GBA)

1. It's possible, but I don't think any older games implemented it, it would need flash ROM on the game card. The Lynx itself doesn't have any NV-RAM.

2. A standard PSU set at 6V will do it, but you need to find one with the right size connector. It was a pain in the UK to find one, but it was a universal one in the end.

3. My favourite games are Xenophobe, Ishido The Way Of Stones, Zarlor Mercenary, and chequered flag. YMMV.

4. Not AFAIK, but someone has removed the backlight and replaced the fluorescent tube with white LEDs for lower power consumption. They don't quite light up the entire area tho...

5. Maybe one of the lines between the contacts and the chip has broken. You would have to peel back the sticky label on the game to check it out, it'd say it's not worth it because your game will look terrible afterwards and might still not work. I have a similar problem with some games not fitting snugly in the slot any more, so try inserting it slightly more to the right or more to the left. If the plastic has been damaged or warped it might not fit properly any more and you could be shorting out a connector.

Good luck Jim...

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