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Author: chris_lynx1989 (
Date:   03-03-2004 03:34

Seth Greenborg wrote:
Chris you are a trolling loser and I wish you would quit posting about all of these games that you supposedly know all about. You obviously dont know jack. Stop being such a b:tch and place an international order before you begin stroking your own hog about how much you think you know. And thanks for speaking for 400 million other Americans who must have informed you through your Lynx development hotline that they don't like to place international orders either. You pretentious idiot!

could "anyone" tell me what the hell that was
above on this forum? hmmmmm,rather weird bit
of a post,wasn't it?
what is your problem,seth? and you seem to do
a speach about what an ignorant bigot i am.i
did not attack you like that,what gives?
i obviously have not been involved with lynx
history keeping,according to you.
i obviously have not been working behind the
scenes to get lynx games out to the lynxers
since 1991,so you think,i guess.
what in what i've done since 1991 does not
make me a knowledgeable atarian and lynxer or
a lynx historian? hmmmmm,weird stuff from you
i'm seeing on this forum.
have you been doing work on getting unrelea-
sed lynx prototypes to market and other things over the years??
--the lynxer

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