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 Subject: Chris, Seth and the rest of the world
Author: Lars (
Date:   03-03-2004 11:18

Hi Chris,

I agree that the mentioned post contained some rather strong attacks - kinda undiplomatic...

On the other hand: Iīve followed some of your posts over the last months and must say that they included a lot of statements that are a blend of at least the following:
- disinforming
- speculative
- plain wrong
- personal opinion mocked up to resemble "facts"

(Some examples? Ok:
Othello cartridge binary size (donīt cite 3rd party when you can get the correct info from the author directly).
Lynx card minimum coding scheme (no 64kB supported!)
LCD replacement (itīs not just a matter of getting the right connector!).
Alpine Games production (boohoo about single batch run at 25pcs. - Would like to know your sources for that?!)
Alpine Games availability in the USA (never was a real problem - almost a dozen people ordered directly via Germany).
Your statement of "not having good experience" in dealing with me. Afaik, I never sold anything to you directly, either.

I guess most Lynx folks are just too annoyed to discuss with you, but clearly know better about the facts.
Have you ever wondered why people like Carl, Bastian, Harry, Matthias, Duranik, Bjoern et al almost never reply to your fantasies?

Whenever critisized you like to come up with your Lynx experience you gathered over the last years - but contrary to this you just keep on boasting your blurred perceptions to the public.

And, btw., where are the games, demos, circuits, expansions, cards, diagrams, libraries, tuning tricks, programming tools that you "helped to bring to market" like others?

I know (from what I read as your previous replies in discussions) that it will be hard for you to not take this personally, but let me end this with a very simple advice:

Just donīt write about topics you donīt know for sure (or know reliable sources). And whenever you like to speculate, mark it as speculation (it might still be interesting).


PS: Lynx-insiders know me since 1992 for the following:
BLL devkit (with B. Schick).
ComLynx-to-RS232 cables.
Production and marketing of various Lynx titles.
Development and production of the card pcb.
Development of the first non volatile memory on Lynx cards for final products.
Redrawing and correction of the original Atari Lynx I and II circuit diagrams.
First overclocked Lynx at 24.576MHz. Shown to John Skrutch at the Atari exhibit in Düsseldorf.
First power-consumption reduced Lynx.
Beta tester and producer of PITS, the driving school learning program.
Developer of the Lynkey keyboard interface.
Developer of the Humblebee developer 256/512kB SRAM cards.
Developer of the Atari ST-to-Lynx parallel interface.

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