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 Subject: RE: Ridiculous prices on ebay...
Author: Garth (
Date:   07-16-2004 22:56

It's sad but true some people call themselves collectors when they are only seeking money.I've amassed a large lynx collection including some of the true rarities i've never sold my carts for money although i've traded some for others I wanted I never did this with the intention of making money but a few people once they got wind of the fact I had a copy of a cart that only 25 exist worldwide. I was bombarded with "sell it to me e-mails" I was quite insulted by this attention and now routinely instruct outlook to block e-mails from each and every one of them. Take heart in the fact that there are still some out there that collect out of a liking for the console. and not out of greed I for one would love to eventually locate a copy of your cart And feel very grateful that people like yourself are keeping the lynx alive

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